''Flower of life'' SACRED GEOMETRY Satin Finished

''Flower of life'' SACRED GEOMETRY Satin Finished

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''Flower of life'' SACRED GEOMETRY  Pendant lovingly Handmade by the Nepalese Artisians

                                           FLOWER OF LIFE


    It is considered to be a symbol of sacred geometry and to be sacred among many cultures in the world, both ancient and modern, said to contain ancient, religious value depicting the fundamental forms of Time and Space. In this sense, it is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings.....


                                                                                                                                                 DESCRIPTION ABOUT THE PENDENT


    One of my favorite pieces...handcrafted of 100% Brass Metal And Satin Finished .

    It Is lovingly hand made by the local Artisans Of Nepal Himalayas

    The Pendent Measures 41mm  Approx In Diameter and the Thickness is 1.00mm Approx 

    The Pendent is Brand new 

    The Pendent can be cleaned with silver polishing cloth to make it look brand new whenever needed...

    Avoid contact with water


    Return and Refund policy: In case of dissatisfied with the purchase you have 14 days to return, buyer will have pay return postage.